lunes, 29 de enero de 2007

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Arthur Rackham, Alicia y el conejo Mariposeando por los dos blogs de Bertini (Cacho de Pan y amorimas, en una de mis visitas rituales a blogs amigos, igual que descubrí la muniequera (ese blog de collages de muñecos de trapo virtuales, genial), he tropezado con un comentario de el-ed, que me ha intrigado por su sonido a río árabe el-oued o guad, à la Isabelle Eberhardt (1877-1904) y ya estaba pensando en desiertos y oasis y fiebres, cuando he llegado a lleno de unos dibujos sugerentes y de historias interesantes. Por ejemplo, la de Orsai, esa especie de artista visionario que engaña a Perón conduciendo un taxi y haciéndole unas graciosas adivinaciones, pero sobre todo mi bulin: volando voy! historia de un héroe llamado capitán Beto, cuyo anillo protege del peligro pero no de la tristeza. Y va volando y aullando su soledad, y me ha recordado a mí misma en mis últimos viajes balcánicos, ¡me temo que yo llevaba el mismo anillo de shassán!. Así se lo he dejado dicho al misterioso río argentino el-ed carosia, porque en este jardín de blogs, es inevitable ir sembrando comentarios que llegan o no a sus destinos. En el mismo paseo blogueante, he llegado donde el objeto a y bajo la foto preciosa y de un aire casi infantil de los pies de un monje, mi prima V cuenta sus clases de chino y hace un parcours luminoso, de Françoise Dolto a François Julien (a quien por cierto objetan aquí Journal d’un Chinois » Blog Archive » Les malentendus de François ... ) y de Confucio a wittgenstein y a Lacan ( lacan dot com-), que se me ha quedado prendido de la maraña de ideas del día. Luego he visitado el blog de Toni B. subjectes y no he podido evitar secuestrarle una foto de Poblenou para mi blog Polis .

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beattlelover dijo...

hello Bel!!
un manifesto arrebatado pour toi!!
publicado oringinalmente en /

more Pandora,
now art, art?
what the fuck is this?
brain shit from my nite mares...
dedicated to all anglosaxophones!

To relate to Dali, Picasso, Picabia, Buñuel, in that specific
time of the century, the anarquistme!!
Barcelona as a small reduct for nihilistinos no no....never that great but a
place mention as in perfumes publicity ... by for example PIC A BIA
magazines from Barcelona
Why you find flamenco puro music in Man Ray movies??
What was the scene – internationialenationale - chauvinisticalepop? Pop and Brit...britten shineofffuck,
Superioreaudecolognesocolonialdreams still are yours
popprincesspoppers pop …
Why all the latinos have to hide? The latino has to erase the front
hairtoomuchritahayworrrrrwhat? cansino cansino.
Why Pablo was not called Ruiz wich was his first name? or Francis, Martinez? Oh! Martinez and Ruiz,
not to saycinemaman Jean,Joan ... Vigo, such of pioneer family Miguel Almereida was
from Catalonia ... escapees all from the time of escapefromdanger
but not yet the time for Spain (iards) … not the time for acknowledgement… to get out of… just let us be what we have been before you and you and all of you and you too. Talking about vaccines and all that we infected your brains
till the point that you dare to forget from where all is this coming... Nation, nation of refusseeeees ... the ones and the onlyseees …
so much more infiltrated that,
we will fuck up your brains still, forever. Tralatralala!!and tortilla de patatatapaptapa....we do not exist
even if we provided you with the most of … most … most of the real
avantgardessince the barrow que...
specimensl … Sort of even more monstrous
creation … thegeniusesthatyoulovearehotblooded l a t i n o s
hide we do not know but (now you hide!)
We suppose that it was embarrassing to be
snobtheminparisollalalaalwherealllsointegrated infrenchexotiquequixotiquepicassooooopicabiaaaaapica pica
PICA P I C A......iwillgetmy pica name...picanassss!!
Not bad. Picanasspicanansssss … can I come in now … now can you hear me
now? … Is my passcode working?

zbelnu dijo...


la muniequera dijo...

Iba a agradecerte el link, pero después de leer el comentario anterior, me bloqueé un poc...

Bueno, me gusta muchomucho lo que leo por aquí, y me alegro que te guste muniequear! besos!

gary198378 dijo...

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el objeto a dijo...

que conste por escrito que a mi tampoco me gusta François Jullien, aunque reconozco lo bonito de algunos títulos (como éste de los sabios o Elogio de lo insípido) y no he conseguido leer ninguno de sus libros, que encuentro aburridos y vacíos, Al contrario soy una defensora aférrima del libro "Contre François Jullien" de Jean François Billeter!

beattlelover dijo...

hello..como sabia que rondaba el tema froid...
aqui un coment un bloger...del blog de
espero que el manifest no haya sido too much!
Jeff dijo...

For Antler

From an Avital Ronell interview 1994:

..."It could be the pivotal point of dissension. The tendency to dump on Freud I find to be somewhat anti-intellectual. In that regard, I'm more hooked on the French feminist theoretical side of things. Because the simplistic tendencies to decide what constitutes a properly feminist discourse really continues to shock me. Freud is extremely complicated. He in many ways liberated a lot of libidinal fields that were secret and repressed. There were many moments that were problematic, but a philosopher's point of view is to engage the problem and to understand it, or even genealogically to interpret it and give it a new force or a new aspect. Whereas the non-philosopher's point is often to trash the whole oeuvre. I dare say that those who trash Freud haven't read him meticulously. I think that that's what my whole work tries to address: the need for re-ambiguating areas that need to be thought about. Freud's fundamental insights are actually, as someone like Shoshana Felman will have shown, very feminist, very subversive. He was persecuted. He was, and continues to be, treated like shit. Also by masculinists, writers and men. Philosophers think he's a pansy. Only gays and some outrageous feminists like Freud. So there's a conservative alignment despite everything. Those people who dump on Freud tend to be institutionally identifiable as conservative. There's something about Freud that's not containable and not conventional at all.
Nietzsche is a more difficult case because he'll rant and rave against women. And before you know it, he's turning around, and he's a woman. His ear was inseminated by a woman, with his great thought, the eternal return. She's the father of his thought, he claims: Lou Salome impregnated Nietzsche's ear! He's the womb. His itinerary is so complicated. I think Derrida dealt with that. What happens when men hysterically rant and rave, and yet nonetheless identify themselves with women, creates a far more complicated mapping than one can grant. Throwing away Freud and Nietzsche can produce a ghetto of fairly homogeneous feminism."...

January 30, 2007 10:51:00 AM PST

Anónimo dijo...

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